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About Ann

Ann Chapman - Writer and Researcher

After 18 years in local politics I am now into my fourth year in a new late career researching and writing. I have been a rosarian for over 20 years and the focus of my work is writing about roses.

This rose is the beautiful OpheliaThis rose is the beautiful Ophelia

In Feb 2012 my first book was released. Here is the introduction to 'Women in my Rose Garden'. There is the introduction to the book elsewhere on this website. It is produced beautifully by Palazzo Editions in Bath it will be available in France, Germany, Sweden, UK, Australia and New Zealand in the first instance. Women in my Rose Garden

Also published in December 2012 was 'Missionaries, Wives and Roses. This relates the stories about our early missionary women who have now had New Zealand bred roses named after them. It is in the style of my first book but is a New Zealand based book full of our early women's history - much lacking in our own history books.  Missionaries, Wives and Roses

'The Roses of Myths Legends and Literature' is a little book I self published. The Roses of Myths legends and LiteratureHelp google and blind readers There is the story of one of the legends contained within this website.Help google and blind readersThis is a picture of the rose Danae.

I am also collaborating with another known rosarian and writer, Margaret Hayward who has written 3 books on modern roses and a biography about Norman Kirk, a former Prime Minister of New Zealand. This work will be called  'A History of the World in a 100 Roses' - modelled on the very successful BBC series 'A Histroy of the World in a 100 Objects' but is yet to attract a publisher as it is in its very early stages. 

But my major work this year will be researching for "Emperors, Generals and Gentle Men', a book on the bed with old classic roses named after them. I hope I will find a publisher for this one soon. It is 3/4 completed as the year has been a difficult one in which to write. My grandson was diagnosed with Leukaemia and that took much of the family's time. Fortunately after a year's treatment and a stem cell graft all now appears well.