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NZ Gardener Story

Well it certainly has been a long time since I have posted anything here and such a lot has happened.

News about Liam.

Liam is now back at school learning to be a teenager again. he is well, training for a duathalon with two sets of DNA and a new blood group!Here is a Christmas photo of the family - best Christmas present ever. christmas family

Selling our home

good review!

Felling pretty pleased at the review of my presentation to the Internation Rose Convenction in Palmerston North last November:

New Adventure!

On Jan 1st 2014, Lloyd and I became owners of the Otaki Mail - a community newspaper published monthly in our town. Madness? yes! But what else does one do in retirement? Just call us Chapman-Murdoch!Help google and blind readers

best Christmas photo ever

This is the photo which speaks a thousand words. Liam smiling and happy with us. He is between me and my daughter. The best Christmas ever. family Christmas

100 days plus

this last Tuesday it was 100 days since Liam's stem cell transplant and a doctor's visit. All is going according to plan and the omens are looking good. There has been slight rejection symptons and now his dosage of rejection suppressant drugs are being slowly be reduced. We are on schedule for a great Christmas with all our familty.

Busy times ahead

It is now over a month since Liam was able to come home after his stem cell transplant. The relief and joy of that was palpable amongst us all. Day by day he gets stronger and day by day the risk of rejection lessons. We are all looking forward to our Christmas together.

Long Silence

It has been a while since I have written anything on my web site. 10 days ago my grandson had a stem cell transplant for Leukaemia which was diagnosed back in march. Since then we have been living day by day as he undergoes treatment. Chemotherapy has kept him alive until a match was found from an unknown donor. I thank the kindness of strangers. Stem Cells

Supporting Penny Gaylor for Council

Penny Gaylor launched her campaign for re-election to the kapiti Coast District Council last night at her birthday party. Here is her cake.  Penny Gaylor

Book donated for Labour Party raffle

More than happy to donated one of my books to a local Labour Party fundraising wine aution. I gather they rasied about $70 for this item alone. here's a photo of the seemingly very happy winner.  winner of Missionaries wives and roses

Over 33 wines went under the hammer for prices often exceeding $60 which I think might have been about average.

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