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State Highway 1 woes this morning

I woke this morning to hear that the south bound lanes of the state highway to Wellington have been closed putting more pressure on our commuters. Whether travelling by car or by train it has been a bad couple of weeks.

Power of the People

At the recent Local Government conference one of the more enlightened speakers used this quote in his talk:

' There is no power greater than a community knowing what it cares about'

A prescient quote in light of the elections drawing near. Use that power and vote. We have shown during the last few years we care about water, roading, the aquatic centre, the arts. Keep caring Kapiti. The statistics show that we only have between 40% to 50% of us who vote. I don't think that's enough to get good representation to look after all those issues you have submitted on.

Wellington's train woes worry

The most recent news of the latest problems with our commuter trains is very vexing. While I accept that it must be extremely difficult to work the $500 million upgrade into a working train schedule either GW or Trans Metro are remiss in their management of it. Information to commuters must improve. Commuters will eventually get a first rate service but only if we can retain them.

Water water everywhere and not a drop saved.

On August 19 Council will finally resolve its water woes.

After a lengthly processes which involved initially looking at the 40 options considered over the past decade, we are down to 4. These will be discussed at a full council meeting (open to the public) and boils down to an option for a dam or an option to use excess water in the Waikanae River to recharge the bores for future use. The latter seems an elegant solution (and is the cheaper of the 2 identified here) and is much less environmentally damaging than a dam.

The first issue!

Why do you want to vote for me?
Because I have the experience and courage to represent you honestly.
Please comment on all issues even when not available on my website.I welcome honest debate and exchange of ideas.
In my 18 years as a councillor I have experienced abusive and foul emails and letters and I have never responded to them I will follow the same practice on my blog and delete anything like this.

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