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Open Letter to MP Nathan Guy

Dear Nathan,

This matter on which I write is not a matter of left or right. It is a matter of wrong or right.

How is it that you have lost sight of what your community feels so that you are out of touch when you support a bill which will spy on every one of us? Why have you decided that we are so untrustworthy that you need to remove our basic human right of privacy? Where is the evidence to support this?

Rowan’s Nomination for Kapiti Mayoralty Signed and Lodged

While the Mayor Jenny Rowan was busy with the earthquake civil emergency, Ann Chapman was taking pleasure in signing her nomination form.  Signing Jenny Rowan's nomination from
‘It is a great honour to nominate Jenny. She has been a signature mayor for the Kapiti Coast as she has carefully and bravely steered many long overdue and fraught decisions through to fruitionl.’ said Ann Chapman.

hardy souls in Island Bay

Those hardy souls at the Island bay Garden Club turned out last night to hear me speak about my books. They even brought a few! they came with tales of devestation and loss but still found the time and energy to come out on a cold winter's night to listen to me enthuse about roses, history, romance and books.Help google and blind readers

Nepotism - It's Never OK

Yesterday I heard something I thought was pretty outrageous. ‘Nepotism’ is what I thought when a friend described to me a very recent event where a member of an elected board tried to have her daughter appointed as a paid member to the same board. Her reasons are really irrelevant here as there is no provisions for appointments to be made regardless of their worth. It is significant that an attempt was made.

I thought I would check out the definition of nepotism: The Oxford dictionary says-

Electra Elections

For those of you in the kapiti Horowhenua area of new Zealand now is the time to vote for your preference for a trustee on your local electrical lines company. Ann Chapman just before she shaved for a cure on behalf on grandson Liam

Ann  Chapman taken just before she shaved for a cure on behalf of her grandson Liam who has leukaemia.

Still a long way to go

I have been distracted these last weeks as the long journey for my grandson and his treatment for leukaemia continues. Two weekes ago we faced the realisation that the firt two months of chemotherapy did not achieve the desired results. We are now of phase two. The chemo has been changed - it is harder and faster and he does need a bone marrow transplant.

Finding a donor is not easy as his blood carries what is called th ' Mediterrain factor' from his uruguyan mother. this means that we, his cloest family are not suitable. The search of the international donor banks has started.

Marriage Equality Act

Such a sense of pride when our parliament voted for this Bill. Such a sense of pride that there is now equality for gay and lesbian people. Well done to all who worked for this, who voted for this and who now feel that they have some degree of equality as the rest of us. Shame onm those who agrued against it and who voted against it. May you regret your discrimination.

Scary sight

Scary sight this morning when i looked in the mirror. There was this shaven woman looking back at me. Wecome I said to the first day of being bald - it is downhill from now

leukeamia fundraising

here is the link to my page on the 'shaveforacure'site - in case any one reading this is moved to donate or to even pass on the link. With Liam's and my thanks 9817

Shave for a Cure

Today I committed to shave my head to support my grandson.

Feeling nevous but proud.

He is incrediblely strong and brave and while I can't undergo his treatment for him I can walk with him

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