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Onslow Historical Society

Spoke to the Onslow Historical Socieyt last night. Great receptive audience which showed you don't need to just love roses to enjoy the book "Women in My Rose Garden". The history buffs were just as fascinated with the stories as gardeners are. All love the look and style of the production as well.

It seems we have sold out here in NZ

Dunedin Heritage Roses

Just back from a lovely book event put on by Heritage Roses Dunedin who did me proud with their event. About 50 people attended, lots of books sold and everyone seem to enjoy it. Hope it means new members for HR NZ.

Forgotten Women

There were many women I researched who fell by the wayside during the long journey of getting my book published. There were various reasons: There was not enough information about them, or they were just footnotes in their men's histories, or the photgrapher could not get a photo of the rose were some of the reasons.

Over the next few weeks I will start to post those stories which did not make the final cut. I think perhaps I will start with the aristocrats. Dona Maria will be up first, followed by Kaiserin August Viktoria.

Palazzo Editions Youtube Link

here is my publisher's Youtube link for my book. It cover a lot and is very different from mine and equally informative

Hastings book launch

Back today from Hastings after a lovely weekend talking about the book to rose lovers amid a beautiful garden on a sunny afternoon.

It was well received, the book seller was delighted and people seemed to had a great time.

Next weekend I am off to Dunedin.

Australian adio interview

Have just finished my first ever international radio interview. Brisbane Radio talked to me about my just published book, 'Women in my Rose Garden'. It was great and the 2 interviewers were well informed on the book

sad news

Yesterday the Kapiti Coast community learnt of the death of Adrian Webster, Chair of the Paekakariki Community Board, and his wife Marei.

I acknowledge the work of Adian and feel profound sorrow at his death and that of his wife.

The Times

Today the English branch of Hardie Grant sent me a copy of half a page from the Times in London which had reproduced sections of my book. Now that is really exciting. Published on Mothers' Day it talked about some of my favourite women.

book launch

Yesterday evening I had a splendid book lauch. Arranged by two friends about 50 people came, 46 books were sold and everybody seemed interested in what I said.  Could get big headed here but the reviews will come soon enough and they may be more sobering.

It is an enormous high to have your name on such a beautiful book especially as I have been working on it for over a decade.

new look website

For those rare people who look at my webpage you will see a completely new and beautiful look. Thank you Miriam from My WebWorkshop.

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