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Change of Focus For News Page

 Now over a year since I left politics and the withdrawal symptons are nearly over.

With the release of my book 'Women in my Rose Garden', I feel I am now really a writer and have started work on others.

An idea I have always had is to plant themed beds in the garden - a bed of generals, of myths, of artists and an eccalastical bed. That idea is now not possible in my smaller garden but a book is. With friend and fellow author Margaret Hayward, I am starting work on 'Fanciful Gardening' but yet to find a publisher. Help google and blind readersThis picture is just a little fancy. My wise old copper owl drapped with mary Queen of Scots.

'The Roses of Myths Legends and Literature' is nearly ready for publishing. Under the artistic hands of Sally Rogers from the First Actual Design Company it is taking shape beautifully.

My major work this year will be the research into the brother book of 'Women in My Rose Garden'. Tentatively called 'Emperors, Generals and Gentle Men'  it tells the stories of the men who have had roses named after them.

Later on this year (2012) 'Missionaries, Wives and Roses : Marsden's Forgotten Women' will be released.Help google and blind readers This picture is Martha Ford, wife of NZ's first Doctor.

This section from my website will contain stories on everyday happenings and occassionaly snippets from my new writing career.


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