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?Culture of Extravagance????? - Really?

I had a sense of bemusement today when I read the claim by candidate Turver of a culture of extravagance by Council! I became aware of this claim while attending a meeting in which we were discuusing a report on social wellbeing and council's activities relating to this key focus of our Long Term Community Plan. This objective is a key part of our plan and supported during consultation periods for both the annual plan and the LTCCP.

Are some of these activities listed below what Turver means by 'extravagance'?

  • Youth Council and research project
  • Council of Elders
  • Volunteer Kapiti
  • Disability Reference Group
  • Regional Settlement Strategy and Ethnic Forum
  • Kapiti Post Suicide Initiative
  • Social infrastructure Research
  • Community Financial Support
  • Building community resilence and capability

This work is what makes Kapiti such a special place to live in. Is supporting our community really 'a culture of extravagance'?

If so what will be cut? What part of developing our community will stop?


More on this tomorrow.


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