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Flying Kites and Questioning the Status Quo

Questioning the status quo is an essential part of democracy. It is why we have elections, why we engage in debate and why, therefore, we evolve.

Every community needs good ideas, especially when times are tough. We do little to foster creative thinking or problem solving, if we beat up on others before they have even articulated a question or formulated an answer.

However, the rights or wrongs of any questions are immaterial to the basic principle to fly kites and ask questions.

Fundamental to Democracy

The fundamental questioning of the status quo is an important aspect of the democratic process.

It is in fact what MidCentral Health is currently doing as they seek to rein in a ten million dollar deficit. Looking at each service to answer the questions:

  • Can we do this better?
  • Is this service being duplicated?
  • Are we being paid for everything we are doing?

It's What we all do!

It is what many government departments are doing as they look to change, to improve and evolve.

It is what the Kapiti Coast District Council is doing as it reviews all the literature and lessons of the past while finding a sustainable water solution.

It is what the fluoridation lobby forced us to do when they sought to stop council adding fluoride to our public water supply.

It is what Otaki and Paekakariki will need to do when the “system” attempts to fluoridate their public water supply.

It was questioning the status quo which brought people to their deaths during Tudor times and other periods of turmoil.If more people had questioned Hitler would his final solution be any different?

It's Why We Change Governments.

It is why we change governments and why political parties campaign in opposition to what each other are doing.

This is democracy in action and a basic civil liberty. I will always support anybody with an idea no matter how loony, which will challenge how or why we do things. It is how we learn, how we teach our children. Cherish the questioner not lambast them.

And if we Didn't?

If we did not question, we would still believe the earth was flat, the sun revolved around the earth, we would not have penicillin, digitalis, heart transplants or artificial joints.

Without good questions we would still be living in caves, lighting candles, and walking to walk.

I will always support new ideas, new dreams which challenge how or why we do things. It is democracy in action

And the Queen Said.

As the Queen said to Alice – “Why, I sometimes dream as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast!”

Cherish the dreamer who dreams and questions and listen to the answers before you discount and dismiss them. They are critical to our evolution as people.

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