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New Imaging Equipment for MidCentral Health

MidCentral District Health Board is to improve its X-ray service by spending almost $5million on upgrading its x-ray rooms and buying seven new/replacement machines to replace its aging ones. This will also mean it will increase the number of patients it sees and improve the flow of patients through the department.

Three x-ray rooms will have new digital machines matching the equipment replaced in 2007. This will improve the department’s ability to meet the Minister of Health’s targets.

It is also planned to buy five new ultrasound machines – two for medical imaging and one each for women’s health, theatre and medical departments to further improve waiting times and treat patients faster.

Also to be replaced is the aging angiography equipment used to show blood vessels which will be past its used by date in December this year. The new machine will allow for speedier diagnosis.

The final piece of new equipment is a replacement of an aging CT scanner used around the clock by staff and is now 8 years old. New equipment will again allow for faster  and more complex procedures to be done as the new machine increases the number of ‘slices’ taken for diagnosis from 16 to 128 making much more accurate and enable more complex procedures to be done. This is the fastest growing diagnostic tool for clinicians increasing by 9% last year and projected to increase by 16% this year.

The work required and installation will be phased in over time to minimize disruption taking about 6 months to complete. During this time some urgent patients may be referred to other DHBs.