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The Otaki By-Pass

This weekend I looked at the plans for bypassing Otaki. A very flawed concept has resulted in 2 flawed designs which we, the community have to comment on.

Both options close off the main eastern lateral from the rest of the town. Both options isolate the racecourse. Both options use a tiny fragile (to be widened) lane as the main on ramp to the motorway. Both options have a high raised stepped overbridge for pedestrians. Mothers with strollers won't be able to use it. People in wheel chairs wont be able to use it. The elderly wont be able to use it.

Both options destroy a community park. One that for a decade has been designed, worked and maintained by a group of volunteers. The northern gateway is now graced by a beautiful park with over 5000 plants donated and planted by the community. That will go.

At Te Horo there are also 2 proposals. One has an overbridge over the top of a heritage building and that's the preferred option.

This is termed consultation but properties are already being bought. That says to me that the preferred options are final options.

If the original premis of this bypass is wrong, then both options offered to the community are wrong.

Alas the Joyce-Guy motorway will destroy the vibrancy of Otaki and possibly its economic survival.

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