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Regional Cooperation

Is Regional Cooperation Enough or do we need Amalgamation?

Amalgamation is the buzz word of the day. With the malarkey going on in Auckland as officials, politicians and the residents all try and make sense of what is happening, we must try and be in charge of our own destiny. This is not something we would want imposed upon us!

The Regional Council must lead the debate about amalgamation

When we have the debate the regional council must take a lead in any discussion on amalgamation rather than let Wellington City set the agenda. Kapiti’s voice must be heard as one of the smaller and more distant local councils from central Wellington. Work is already underway with our officials working out what is possible.

We do not need to amalgamate.

We do not need to amalgamate. The danger is that we would lose our identity and be disadvantaged as the larger council’s make their interests more prominent. Working together on backroom functions to get the best out of the rates take while retaining autonomy is a much better solution. The alliance model working, successfully between two district health boards in Whanganui and Palmerston North, is a good model to follow. In that model we are doing exactly that: working together on policies and back office functions to get the best for the residents of both communities. (see separate article under Health)

Lets us indeed question the status quo but not at the expense of our identity, our needs and our integrity. Let us fly our kites but not to become entangled and disadvantaged. We don’t want to be amalgamated into a great amorphous entity where democracy and our voice could be at risk.

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