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MidCentral District Health Board

I am also standing for election to the MidCentral District Health Board. I have made significant contributions to health services, including my 10 years on the board, I would like to continue to do so.

Over arching belief:

  • I believe in a public health system capable of providing the greatest number of services efficiently and safely to all our communities across the MidCentral region.
  • This involves working together with other DHBs as well as the private sector.

A Former Nurse: public, private, NZ, Britain

As a former nurse I have had extensive experience in health, in the public, private and voluntary sectors and in governance.

I have worked in New Zealand and England as a nurse mainly in my chosen field of theatre nursing.

When I returned to New Zealand in the 1980s, after experiencing work in the English health system, I worked for the then Nurses’ Association as a nurse advisor and public relation’s officer. This was during the days of great changes in the sector, an experience which has given me insight into what can work for the benefit of both patients and staff during periods of change.

Arrival in Otaki

My arrival in Otaki coincided with the imminent closure of the Maternity Hospital. A group of residents managed to change the health authorities mind and we now, 12 years later still have birthing services in Otaki and a successful health centre.

Otaki Community Health Trust

I am a founding trustee of the Otaki Community Health Trust which has over seen the management of the centre for 12 years and has successfully retained and grown community health services in Otaki. We provided the money required to set up the very successful Otaki Primary Health Organisation.

11 years experience on the MidCentral Board

  • I have been a member of MidCentral District Health Board for 11 years. 
  • I was first appointed in the year prior to the change to district health boards.
  • I have been an elected member since we became a district health board .
  • For 9 years I have been deputy chair.

In that role I have sat on all standing committees which oversee:

  • the provision of hospital services, 
  • public and community health services and
  • disability services.

In addition I attend the:

  • Risk and Audit committee and
  • the Chief Executive’s performance committee.

This has given me a very good overview of how the whole system works together.

Central Alliance

One of the key requirements during this time when money is tight is greater cooperation with other district health boards.

MidCentral already has a working relationship on some services with Wairarapa and at the moment is working with Whanganui to work together on a greater number of initiatives. annchap/content/central-alliance

I would love to continue working for you on the MidCentral Board. Please vote for me.